Use Popularity Of Face Masks To Your Advantage And Boost Your Business

Corporate gifting has become an integral part of business culture. There are several gift options available like pens, bottles, bags, etc and the trick is to the right selection of gifts. Carefully chosen gifts enhance client relationships, improve your brand recognition, boost business activity, and ultimately increase the return on investment.

Gifting masks for business acquaintances:

The hottest product in the market right now is a mask. Masks are currently an everyday necessity in the pandemic situation and people would be more than happy to receive masks as gifts since masks are durable and a good quality one can be used for months. If you are looking for high-quality large quantity masks check out Custom Earth Promos.

They are the go-to choice for bulk purchases of affordable promotional products. They feature a handful of mask options and offer customizations. Get in touch with their team and discuss your requirements. Rather than gifting masks the usual way (like in trade shows, business meetings, etc) try the following ways to get noticed.

Customize a mask that can interest the receiver:

A good-quality mask would undoubtedly be appreciated but a customized one takes things a notch further. If the receiver is a:

  • Military veteran: Use the US flag design on the mask
  • Parent: Send one with a popular animated character that their kids would love
  • Business owner: Include their brand logo on the mask
  • Pet-lover: Customize masks with puppies or cats on them

Organize a fun virtual mask party:

You could send your clients a cool mask and include another one for a guest. Request everyone to flaunt their masks during the client appreciation zoom meeting. This way you earn an additional audience for your brand/ organization.

Co-ordinate masks experts to host an informational event:

By now we are all bombarded with information regarding the importance of wearing masks. Make things more interesting by inviting a blend of experts like a doctor who educates on the right way to use masks, a mask manufacturer to talk about different mask types available, a hairdresser who explains how to style your hair when wearing masks, etc.

Host a mask donation event:

Raise money to donate masks for a local hospital. They help you get in touch with your local medical community and affluent donors.

How would gifting masks benefit your organization?

  • Puts across a thoughtful message: Masks are functional Gifting your client masks would send a message that you care about their health which paves the way for a long-term relationship.
  • Self-promotion: Though your masks don’t contain your brand name, it serves as an effective way of self-promoting your business.
  • Displays your creativity: Gifting customized gifts would receive extra attention and quirky customized masks fit the bill.
  • Effective marketing: Wearing a cool mask would get others enquiring about your masks, which spread the word about your brand.

The right choice of gift makes all the difference in the business world. Ditch the usual promotional products and instead opt for face masks. Ensure that the gift-receivers find your gift memorable.

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