Surprising Side Effects of Indoor Cycling with Exercise Bikes


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After vigorous indoor cycling with exercise bikes, you can expect to feel such symptoms such as a sore leg muscle, a severe thirst, or even a touch of depression in the saddle. But you could end up with some annoying mementos that could take you by surprise. Don’t let these mysterious side effects discourage you from coming back for more! You can handle them more quickly than you would expect, with the right approaches.

Uncomfortable Chafing

Did your clothes rub you in the wrong way? If you wear unfit bottoms (and cotton fabrics in particular) when riding an exercise bike, a combination of friction and moisture will leave you with an uncomfortable red rash on your thighs. This isn’t a road rash; it’s chafing, pure, and simple.

To avoid chafing, stick to the shape-fitting bike shorts or capris made of moisturizing fabric.

Raven’s Thirst

Given that you’ve torched serious calories during exercise bike workouts, it’s hardly surprising that you’re hungry afterward. But if your appetite begins to overdrive, it could be a warning that you’re not getting enough fuel for this high-intensity operation. Next time, eat something before you work out; even a small banana or a handful of whole-grain cereal would do it. Refuel with a smart snack afterward; healthy options include a mix of carbs and protein — such as a small box of Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of blueberries; two tablespoons of hummus and baby carrots; or a tablespoon or two of peanut butter with apple slices.

Feet Aching

Indoor cycling isn’t a weight-bearing exercise the way you’re running or walking, so you might be shocked at how heavy your feet can “feel” after an excessive lesson. But this may happen if you push hard on your pedals or spend a reasonable amount of time on standing climbs — especially if you’re not wearing enough supportive shoes.

Consider investing in shoes for exercise bike workouts to avoid sore legs. To ease the discomfort, rub the soles of your legs against a tennis ball or a foam roller — or ask a favor from your partner for a foot massage.

Stinky’s clothing

Although you’re probably expecting to produce your fair share of smelly laundry, considering what a sweat-proof exercise bike workout is, you might be surprised how much stench of sweat stains will linger. Your best choice is to clean your sweaty clothes in the hottest fabric environment that can be tolerated right after your workout; if you can’t do that, or if the scent or stains linger, consider using a detergent specially made for exercise wear

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