6 Ways Your Sleeping Habits Affect You


Some people are unable to sleep or have a restless sleep cycle and wake every hour so. Neurosurgeons in Lahore call such patients sleep-deprived and describe it as a chronic problem or syndrome.

Your performance is greatly based on your sleep cycle and lifestyle. If one cannot get the proper amount of sleep, he/ she will be unable to perform the proper tasks for the day. This means their daily lives will be greatly affected and they will be emancipated from completing their tasks and hence their performance will drop below average.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, sleep is necessary for you. Your body needs its rest and so does your brain. This includes giving relaxation to the organs and not them work overtime and lose excess energy.

Here are 06 ways your sleeping habits affect you drastically:

  1. Diabetes

Lack of sleep can increase blood sugar levels immensely. Studies have shown that sleep has a relation with almost all functions of your body. Meaning that sleep deprivation can lead to diabetes. If you are not sleeping, your body will start sending you signals of being hungry or it might cause a hindrance in regulating blood sugar levels. Eight hours of sleep is recommended to maintain a healthy body and brain. If you are not sleeping enough, you might become a patient with type 2 diabetes which can increase your chances of other diseases.

  1. Stress

Stress and sleep deprivation are directly proportional to each other. Where there is one factor, the other will follow the course. Stress has a much bigger impact on your mental and physical health than one can fathom. It tenses the whole system and puts the body on alert, disrupting the sleep cycle. If you are stressed out, you cannot sleep. In the same way, if you are sleep deprived, stress will develop as a secondary factor. Stress can and will kill your brain cells making it hard for the brain to maintain its health.

  1. Obesity

There are many reasons for a person to become obese; it can be hereditary or you can blame it on the genes. But one factor that no one counts on is the sleep cycle. If you are not resting enough and awake at night. Most of the time you would be found munching or eating. You would not be hungry but you will most certainly fill that empty void created by sleep deprivation by eating more. And what better thing to eat than sugary or high caloric food? This will ultimately lead to weight gain which will one day make you obese.

  1. Hypertension

Hypertension is the result of your blood pressure increasing. This can be associated with being the symptom of many diseases or a premonition of some other problem. When you eat before bedtime, the body is unable to digest the food properly. As the body is in resting mode, the usual production of stomach acid that aids in digestion is also low. Sleeping immediately after eating will result in heartburn which causes the release of stress hormones which in turn increases the blood pressure. You will not be needing that extra salt to increase your blood pressure anymore.

  1. Fatigue

Stress and fatigue go hand in hand. Fatigue is a pre-symptom of many syndromes. I the same way it can a glaring indication that the body is not getting enough sleep. If you are working more than your body’s capacity, you will start feeling drowsy and overworked. You will become lethargic and be unable to concentrate on your work. You will be too tired all the time to work properly or perform a simple task like eating. Fatigue will eat away your mental health and you will see a visible decline in your performance and your physical health.

  1. Other Health Problems

If there is sleep deprivation, then there is also a thing such as sleeping too much. Oversleeping can also have a long-lasting and drastic effect on mental and physical health. Oversleeping can make you at risk of other complicated health problems such as diabetes or depression or even heart diabetes. Sleeping more than 10 hours daily will start showing its result instantly.

Sleep is the body’s way of rejuvenating and restoring its lost energy and decreasing the workload on the body. So eat well and sleep well!


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